We're a small business that posts from South West London.  Generally we post on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays (we drop off mailbags using a service called RM48 which should take 3 days or less) 

If you need to get your package more quickly just make a note in your order and we'll upgrade to 1st Class and drop it in a normal postbox the same day. It won't be tracked but it will get to you more quickly

In a catmergency we could arrange next day - but that would involve an extra charge, contact us at

If your parcel hasn't turned up in a week;
1) Check there haven't been any postal strikes that are delaying the mail - there are a few right now
2) If it's in December, be aware the post is ALWAYS really slow
3) Don't Panic! - We want to make sure your cat gets their toys, we'll always replace or refund. Just get in touch and we'll sort things out for you - emails appear in my personal mailbox so I will see them pretty quickly.

Please make sure to let us know if there's a birthday or something that means you really really need to get the package by a certain date - we'll do our very best to prioritise. 

If you want a parcel delivered outside the UK contact me. 

Generally if you;re outside Europe the £16 charge will not be lower - unless you're prepared to use surface mail but that takes AGES!

However, if you're in Europe the price can be a lot lower. Just get in touch

We currently post in brightly coloured plastic polybags.  The polybags are recycled and recyclable.  I'm still not super happy about the plastic, but currently the proper Kraft paper mailing bags would add at least 50p to the cost of posting. If I thought customers wanted a more eco friendly alternative I'd switch, so please message me if you're in favour of me switching to paper.